First Baptist Church of Fuquay-Varina
"Where Everyone is Someone & God is All"
Reverend Dr. Reginald U. Lowery, Pastor
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FBC Ministries
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Christian Education Ministry - Ms. Katrina Crosby and Ms. Twyla Covington
This Ministry directs the Christian Education Program for all age groups and trains lay leaders  for the task of teaching and leading.   Staff volunteers  provide support and promote the church's vision of maintaining educational programs comprised of quality, age-appropriate content  that is  integrated within our Sunday School, Bible Study, Vacation Bible school and other activities. 

Usher Ministry - Ms. Edna Utley
The Ushers Ministry provides service to the membership and guests before, during and after services. It is this ministry that assists in maintaining a worshipful atmosphere in the church. 

Senior Adult Missionary Ministry - Deaconess Mary Burrell
The purpose of the Senior Adult Missionary Ministry is to visit senior members of the church and community who may be incapacitate due to long or short term illness.  Visits are made to nursing homes and hospitals. Tokens consisting of donations and gifts are given in an effort to brighten their day.  The ministry supports missionaries of other churches by attending special programs and remaining aware of current events by attending missionary conferences and workshops.

Golden Circle Ministry
- Deaconess Lucy Monds
The purpose of the Golden Circle Ministry is twofold.  First, the ministry promotes Christian fellowship in the church, sister churches and throughout the community as commanded by Our Lord Jesus Christ ("Love your neighbor as yourself") and as demonstrated by the founders for First Baptist Church and the founders for the Ministry.  Secondly, the ministry seeks to ensure that the Church is always adorned with flowers during worship services; with lilies during Easter and Poinsettias at Christmas.

Women's Fellowship Ministry
 First Lady Eva Lowery
 At the foundation of this ministry is a strong belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and an intent to ensure that activities of this ministry  maintain a christian perspective while developing the mind, the spirit and the body of  participating members. 

Men's Fellowship Ministry  - Mr. Marcellus Young
To bring together our men in Christian Fellowship to work and demonstrate how we can grow in the word of Christ for all.

Young Adult Mission Ministry - Ms. Cynthia Howard
The Young Adult Ministry vision is to be a Christ-centered ministry that demonstrates the principles of Christian faith by tending to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of church members and people in the surrounding community.

Youth Ministry  - Ms. Cassaundra McDowell
The Youth Ministry assists the youth of the Church in their spiritual growth; and, in the use of their personal gifts in the service of the church to the honor of the Lord.  First Baptist youth leaders seek to ensure that the Ministry is more than programs and events.  Parent/Guardian involvement by design is an integral part of this ministry.


Newsletter - Deaconess Harriett Wilson and Ms. Ronda Burt
This ministry is responsible for disseminating information out to the church and community about First Baptist Church including activities, events and what the church has to offer.

Scholarship Ministry
The mission of the FBC Scholarship Ministry is to support, promote and encourage the educational pursuits and goals of individuals in our church with financial assistance. The First Baptist Church Scholarship Ministry's responsibility is to administer and award scholarships to applicants who meet the eligibility requirements for the scholarships that First Baptist Church offers. Scholarships are funded primarily from contributions made by church members.

Audio/Visual Ministry - Trustees Deborah Alston, William Greene, Jr. and Donald Murdaugh, Jr. 

The Audio/Visual Ministry provides quality audio and video needs of for Church worship services.  The Ministry is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of all sound (audio) and video including hardware and software except as specifically designated to be the responsibility of another department such as lighting which is the responsibility of building and grounds committee of the Trustee Ministry.  The audio/visual ministry consists of trained audio and video technicians and an appointed trustee.

Technology and Website Committee -
Ms. Ronda Burt, Mr. Jerry Murdaugh, Trustee Kim Davis, First Lady Eva Lowery, Ms. Jackie Speed and Trustee Marion Tucker

The Technology/Website Committee maintains contact with the Pastor to ensure that the goals of the Committee remain consistent with his vision.  The committee consists of two volunteers whose responsibility is oversight of the Church's technology needs. 

Media Ministry - Trustee Kimberly Davis and Mr. Jerry Murdaugh
The Media Ministry of First Baptist Church is responsible for publicizing and/or advertising all church related information and events using various media methods to include newspapers, radio stations, and online social media.

Kitchen Ministry  -  Ms.Cynthia Howard
The Kitchen Ministry consists of volunteers from the membership, a chairperson, a co-chairperson, and members with assistance from two trustees.  Persons on this ministry are experienced in responding to food service needs of the church and are included during the planning process of any and all programs where food service is required.

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